Banking Challenges in the Mobile-First Digital Era

With technology evolving rapidly and mobile usage on the rise, customers are increasingly comfortable with digital options for banking and payments. Along with this comes changing preferences and expectations for how banking interactions are done and the quality of those interactions. More and more users expect on-demand, consistent service through multiple digital channels (mobile, web, ATM), similar to the experience provided by apps they use in their professional and personal lives.

In parallel with this, in recent years, we have seen the emergence of FinTech. FinTech companies use technology to enable the provision of financial services or to drive technological innovation in the provision of these services. They seek to replace or enhance the financial services provided by the traditional banks and incumbent companies. And they have been seeing significant success in certain market segments.

At the lower end, virtual banks have been drawing customers away from traditional set ups and challenging their existing operational models. The higher-end is also seeing disruption. A recent PWC survey found that 83% of wealth managers feel they are at risk from losing clients to Fintech players. The same survey found that 82% of new high net worth individuals (HNWI) expect their future wealth management to be delivered digitally. Given this, the banks have been forced to respond and have been increasingly exploring and embracing the new technologies.

The particular requirements of high-end services - for example, the need for enhanced, secure and seamless client engagements in a Wealth Management business - correspond closely with the unique capabilities of the Moxtra platform. This provides real opportunities to assist the bank in transforming these services for competitive advantage, for customer retention, and for increased services and revenues.

What is Moxtra Good At?


It is a unified collaboration platform with all major features contained in one app.

All functionality is available on all form factors - mobile, laptop, desktop - and on all major operating systems

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It has a mobile-first philosophy, which is required in a multi-device world such as we have today, but is still unusual in a business-focused product



It is an embeddable technology, with a fully developed SDK and modular APIs. This means all of the functionality can be embedded inside another product, eliminating the need for a customer to deploy an additional platform

It has military-grade security, which is essential for B2B and anywhere the exchange of sensitive documents is critical to successful business outcomes

It can be configured to run in the public cloud, on private cloud infrastructures, or inside-the-firewall on customer data centers


Any one of these characteristics is a competitive advantage for Moxtra, but the combination of all of them provides Moxtra with unique capabilities that takes it far beyond other competing platforms in this sector.


Moxtra Helps Accelerate Digital Transformation

The key consequence of deploying the Moxtra platform is to accelerate the digital transformation of key client engagements, thus ensuring that the bank remains competitive in a rapidly changing environment. It does this by:

  • Providing a collaboration platform to support the full client lifecycle from prospecting, to onboarding, to client relationship management.
  • Helping to build strong client relationships by complementing traditional face-to-face relationship management with a seamless digital service.
  • Enhancing the ability to launch new products to various segments. Frictionless information sharing and interactions create a smoother path for these products.
  • Enhancing digital transformation by providing auditable, transparent interactions in a secure environment. This means that the solution is compliant with the security standards and policies of the bank
  • Improving the brand awareness through a client engagement experience that is state of the art and tuned for a mobile generation