Non-Governmental organizations

Secure communication for NGOs

NGOs are distributed organizations. You have people working in the field away from headquarters, often in many countries. Communications are critical to you - for decision-making, for efficiency, and for the safety of your people.

Moxtra is a highly secure, mobile-first, collaboration platform which works on all devices and ensure secure and convenient communication between your teams. It enables your people to conduct all of their critical collaborative activities easily, regardless of location or status. Secure messaging, document exchange, voice calling, audio and video conferencing, and many other features on your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop. GDPR compliant and fully auditable.


Improve engagement and accuracy with your suppliers and contractors.
Protect your reputation.

You have many suppliers and contractors. Managing them more easily and accurately is important to meet the needs of those you seek to help and protect your own reputation in the process of doing it. Moxtra helps eliminate manual processes and reduce the administrative burden of contractor management.

Exchange documents easily and securely. Share safety information, on-site field guidance, or best practices. Stay in touch in real-time or asynchronously. Improve engagement. Have a full audit trail of all interactions between you and your contractors and suppliers.

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